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Monday, June 22, 2009

Today Chris Brown arrived at court in Los Angeles, California to appear before a judge to enter his plea for the alleged assault against Rihanna. Chris will be formally sentenced on August 5, 2009!!!

As a result of plea deal with prosecutors Chris Brown pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault against Rihanna. Chris was sentenced to 5 Years Probation, 180 days of community service and there is a KEEP AWAY ORDER of PROTECTION against him. Chris has been ordered to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times. When the two have to attend the same event the judge also order that Brown has to be at least 10 yards away from Rihanna. He was also order to complete DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COUSELING!!!

Rihanna and her lawyers did request that the protection order was less than 100 yards because the two will at some point have to attend events at the same time. After Chris left the courtroom Rihanna entered and the judge explained the order of protection to her.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Morgan Freeman Having An Afffair with Step-Granddaughter

The latest rumors on all the gossip blogs is that Morgan Freeman, 72, has been having an affair with his 27 year old step-granddaughter for at least 10 years. It is unclear which of Freeman’s 4 adult children is the step-father or step-mother of E’dena Hines.

Freeman’s 2nd wife of 24 years filed for divorce in 2008. Supposedly E’dena herself told Freeman’s soon to be ex-wife Myrna Colley-Lee of the affair. Apparently this affair has been going on since E’dena was a teenager. The first incident happened when E’dena was a teenager and she and Morgan attended a dinner at a friend’s home. After leaving the dinner party and having couple of drinks they started kissing and E’dena claims she stopped the situation from continuing into actual sexual intercourse. She also claimed that she would send Freeman explicit pictures of herself in an attempt to hold him off from having sexual intercourse. At some point that line got crossed and the affair has been going on since then. E’dena also claims that she is trying to stop the affair and make the relationship between her and Freeman from a love affair to a grandfather – granddaughter relationship. Freeman took E’dena to the Dark Night premiere and people who saw them stated that there was more going on than meets the eye. If strangers could see that just from being around them; it leads me to believe that someone in the family who was around the two of them often would have noticed their acquired closeness.

I doubt very seriously if one can go from sleeping with the man that everyone sees as your grandfather to having a loving family relationship with them. Morgan is 72 years old and has been married twice. He has two sons from a previous marriage and a biological daughter and an adopted child from this marriage.

This is a prime example of NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!! Morgan Freeman has been a beloved actor for many years and this is a scandal that can end careers and families. It has already been tearing the Freeman family apart will it have any affects on his longstanding career.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MEET: CITY COUNCIL City Council consist of two main components DWAYNE "JUBEE" WEBB and PERRY VALENTYNE.
You can check out some of CITY COUNCIL's music at their MySpace page !

They definitely have a different sound. Something about them makes me think of a young OUTKAST!!!! City Council resides in Macon, GA! Jubee and Valentyne describe their music as a soulful Georgia hip hop mixed with rock.


You can check out Jubee and Valentyne on TWITTER. Follow them
@JusJubee & @Vtyne.....

Check out their music and hit them up......

For all booking information please contact City Council at:

BIO from CITY COUNCIL's MySpace page

From the project community center in the Bronx to the backwoods soulful sounds of Georgia, hip-hop music has been through an amazing evolution. With their crossover flow that cannot be captured by one genre. City Council has taken all elements of music and created a new sound for a new generation. Hip-hop's survival will be based on its continued ability to evolve; City Council has started a rebirth like no other. Dwayne “Jubee” Webb and Perry Valentyne make up the hit duo we have come to know as City Council. Residing in Macon Georgia the group has transformed the Macon sound with a soulful mix of hip-hop, and rock but not limiting themselves to just rap lyrics and guitar riffs City Council continues to change the makeup and face of music as they move their sound nationwide. While listening to City Council you will be captivated by the crossover sound and the energy that dominates their performance in every song. With hit songs like “I see ya vision” and “Thru the blinds” City Council continues to give their audience real music. They ignore the trends and stay true to the fans by delivering a real sound that you can feel in your soul. Not only have they developed a dedicated following but they continue to build the council that will ultimately develop the future of hip hop music. Once called an A&R’s “dream” City Council has a sound that everyone can vibe too. Their sound crosses all genres, races and age groups. I can only invite you to listen and hear the sound that we call City Council.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Beyonce's New Video for "EGO"

Introducing Beyonce's "EGO" video. This is a song on the "I AM" half of the "I Am Sasha Fierce" Deluxe Version of the double disc set. I personally like this song.

"It's too BIG, It's too WIDE,It's too STRONG, It won't FIT, It's too MUCH, It's too TOUGH...HE TALKS LIKE THIS CAUSE HE CAN BACK IT UP....HE GOT A BIG EGO"

"I walk like this cause I can back it up, I talk like this cause I can back it up"

ENJOY....and people It's ok to have a BIG EGO as long as U CAN BACK IT!!!!!!

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Oakland Hair Salon Beat Down!!!!!

These women were beating on this woman because she told one of her clients that the girl in the blue shirt "Shavonne" was sleeping with her man. Shavonne and 5 other women went to the salon that Melissa owns. Shavonne and Melissa are supposedly friends.


Well to make a long story short the women locked her in and beat that ass. After watching this video on YOUTUBE, you would think that was it. They beat her up it's over. Well NO my curious readers it is not over. Apparently the police were investigating this matter and once word of this video on YouTube spread the investigation went from he said she said to GOTCHA......OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT is looking for any and all information on the six women involved in this vicious attack.

I wonder how the women feel now that the OPD is looking for them. I wonder if Melissa still owns her salon, has her man and is pregnant????? All Shavonne and her crew got was a few seconds of fame and as of now life on the run......

I mean can y'all answer one question for me!!!! Why would you video tape yourself doing something like this and then post it to YouTube?????? THAT'S JUST PLAIN OLD DUMB. I think that all you girls will get what you deserve. I don't even respect you enough to call you all women or ladies.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

SEXY SPEC a.k.a. SPECTACULAR From Pretty Ricky......


I am completely speechless. I saw people all over TWITTER were talking about this video. I had to see it for myself. Everybody was commenting that SPECTACULAR put hisself OUT OF THE CLOSET with this video. He starts the video off by stating that this is a challenge to BOW WOW, CHRIS BROWN, OMARION and all the fellas that are out there GRINDIN FOR THE LADIES?!?!?!?!?

I don't know if he is outing hisself or if this was a serious grindin challenge. I have never been to a BOW WOW concert, but I have never seen BOW WOW on NO MALE STRIPPER GRINDIN type shit!! You judge for yourself......

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Jermaine Dupri "THE GENERAL" has finally posted the long awaited mixtape from OCEAN'S 7! If you are a "LIFER" no explanation needed. A group of writers, producers, and artists who in an ODE to the RAT PACK formed a group that they call OCEAN'S 7! Who are the members you ask......
Jermaine Dupri - THE GENERAL
Johnta - J. SINATRA
Usher - DA LIGHT
Trey Songz - SONGZ 00711
Nelly - MO GREEN
After months of preparations the mixtape has been released. For your free download of OCEAN'S 7 MIXTAPE Goto:

Being a LIFER I have picked my favorites already!

  1. I Need That Girl
  2. Ain't I
  3. Vegas BABBBYYY
  4. To Much Swag
  5. Where's the LOVE

Enjoy and share your favorites!!!!! :-D